Saturday, August 21, 2010

The first Dominos Pizza outlet in Jamnagar

After U.S. Pizza, Jamnagar has its first Dominos pizza outlet recently opened near Tarak Society.

I am not a big fan of Dominos Pizza since I first tried it 4-5 years back in NOIDA. The only reason why I would go to Dominos is either someone is giving treat or I am dying of starvation and nothing else is available near by.

This time the occasion was my friend's wife's birthday and I agreed to go to Dominos because I really wanted to see the public reactions on this newly opened outlet.

It was Sunday evening and as expected place was over crowded. It looked like they will break even in first month itself!!! The place was full of excited customers (though I had expected the staff to be excited), few of them were visiting such place for the first time and you can clearly see their anxious faces,the fear of doing something embarrassing was making them extra conscious, some people were acting like coming to Dominos and having dinner is their daily affair! few were baffled by the exorbitant price set by Dominos but it would be very embarrassing for them to go back so they were looking for the lowest price options.

I found the place very chaotic, nobody was there to manage the tables, you really have to fight for the place.The staff was not trained properly and they were even not fully aware of what they are offering. My wife read on the menu card that with one medium size pizza you will get a plate of cheese sticks free, but they were not aware of it! I asked them to confirm and their manager told us that you need to have some yellow coupon with you (and that was not mentioned in the offer). The arrangement was very frustrating - first you have to place an order at the cash counter then you have to register your name in the waiting list and then you have to wait, for your order as well as the place to get vacant. Finally after waiting for 5-10 minutes in queue we were able to place some order. We order two medium size and one regular size pizzas along with one cheese stick plate and 3 cakes. The final bill was over Rs 700.
Somehow we found a table for four people. After waiting for about half an hour my name was called and I raised my hand to indicate my location! A poorly dressed waiter came and put 4-5 boxes containing our order. I was surprised, they were serving us in their home-delivery boxes!!
There were no plates no knife no fork no spoon no water glasses no sauces... thank god they gave some oregano powder and some chilli flakes. I had to ask 2-3 times to get the tomato sauce and some spoons.

The over all experience was OK but it is not-value-for-money.I believe that they will improve over the period of time, they are in very initial stages and if they spend some time and money on training the employee they would get more satisfied customers.


  1. kevu pade baki ... jamnagar ma ane dominos .. saras saras ...

  2. But when I called for home deliery at my place near Teen Batti, Domino's refused bluntly, saying 'Tya nahi ave'!!!