Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm Back

Its been close to 3 months since my last post "Deadline means a deadline!!!" and I really missed doing one of my favorite things, writing.

I have been using as my primary blog but without any warning or reason, my blog on has been blocked and it is very frustrating that even after writing two-three times to the support team of they did not have a courtesy to reply back !!!
I have drafted two blog posts and my efforts are totally wasted. So, now , I have decided to use and dump the

Anyways, lots of things has happened in past three months. I finally got the appreciation for my work and got much awaited chance of going abroad without giving a threat of resignation to the company , just kidding :) . I have lots of good and few bad experiences during my short stay in USA , I am planning to write a blog post on these experiences.

Just wanted to say, I'm back and want to share lot more things with you people, keep coming back to my blog. :)

-Parikshit Gohil

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