Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Experience with Bangalore Traffic Police - "Bhagvan Bachaye in se" !!!

Corruption in different departments of the government is not a new thing, giving/taking bribe has become so natural that many a time people do not even realise  that they are doing something wrong/illegal. The whole corruption system is well organized, agents are placed at every stage and acts as a channel for money transfer from bottom (aam aadmi) to the top(politicians) .

Being at the bottom of this corruption pyramid, I have been exposed to corruption quite a few times (knowingly or unknowingly), but last Friday's experience with Bangalore Traffic police was very shocking, I couldn't believe that somebody can be so shameless.

I went to Kormangala (in Bangalore)  for some work and parked my bike near side-walk where few other bikes were also parked. I checked for no-parking sign but couldn't found any so I thought this is the safe place for parking. After finishing work, when I came back after an hour, I couldn't found my bike. I immediatly understood that my bike has been towed away. I inquired with near by traffic police and he confirmed my fear and showed me the way to traffic police station from where I can retrieve my bike.

It was around one and half kilometer from the point where I left my bike and by the time we reached there it was very dark and I was hardly able to see anything clearly.  We went to their self-declared parking space and found my bike there. One police officer (I doubt if I should give so much respect to this fellow) was standing near towing vehicle.

After seeing my licence, he asked for 300Rs. I thought it must be the penalty for parking a bike in non-parking zone and I was ready to pay the fine for my wrong-doing. I didn't had 300Rs in loose , so gave him 500Rs note and my wife asked for a receipt. 

"We always gave receipt, aamaa" He told to my wife.
I was happy thinking that 'chalo this is an honest officer and there won't be any further problem'.
He asked us to follow him in front of his towing car to give us receipt and remaining change, he went inside and did something for 5-10 minutes. After that he gave me some receipt and asked me to sign. It was so dark there that I couldn't read anything,but it looked like a parking ticket so  I just signed. (I still regret signing it without reading, though it was just a traffic challan )

After wasting few more minutes he gave back my licence and told me to take my bike. 
I asked for remaining 200Rs. 
"I already gave you" he told. I was shocked. But I thought, there must be some misunderstanding.
"No you didn't give me any money." I argued 
" You check you purse saar, I am telling you I gave your money"
I showed him my purse and argued with him that he didn't give me any money back.
"200Rs mai hum koi bungala banayenga kya ? I told you mai ne aap ko de diya hai vahi pe" pointing towards my bike he told. 
Now I was loosing my temper but was still showing politeness as I didn't wanted to create any scene so I again repeated the same thing with some more politeness. and as we were arguing, one of his aide came and interrupted our conversation and started his own.
"I saw saar gave you money therea , he gaves money therea only not herea" 
This time my wife shouted at them "You did not give us any money, You asked us to come here to give the change and now you are saying you have already given??"
As we were having this heated argument with him, somebody came and asked for his bike. As soon as officer saw his innocent face he immidetly gave us our 200Rs (may be thinking that he will recover it from him), which were lying on the dashboard of his vehicle.
I took the money and when I was returning he told me "Bhagvan Dekh lega tumko" !!!
How can he be so shameless ??? Just imagine, If he had already returned 200Rs to me then is it possible that a cop  will give money from his own pocket ? Can he be so innocent ? and moreover when I checked the receipt I found that he gave a receipt of only 200Rs not 300Rs which he took from me !!!
Bhagvan Bachaye in logo se !!!


  1. nicely described .. but seriously ""Bhagvan Bachaye in logo se ...

  2. percaftly correct..
    I also have face the same issue with indiranagr traffic police...they r too much ..

  3. Nicely written Sir Ji.. !! I had the nearly same experience... you must have caught by police without BlackBerry :) Here I have captured my experience with Blore Traffice police :) :)

    'Bhagvan Bachaye in logo se' very innocent :):)

    One thing I must say 'Its very nicely captured..!!'


  4. @Anikit No he didn't have blackberry with him. The receipt he gave was in kannada and even today I don't know what is written in it.
    One more incident I had when I was very new to Bangalore ... I was going to bannerghatta national park and just to confirm that I was on the correct road I asked one of the traffic police standing near divider and he took Rs.100 (Started with 300 Rs) for driving in one-way !!! Of course , that was not wrong side, vehicles were coming and going on that road and there was no one way sign board anywhere :)