Thursday, February 16, 2012

Living with Bangalore Roads !

Lately I also developed a software disease called back pain ! but this has nothing to do with my working in IT industry. This is an unrefusable gift from Bangalore authority to every two wheeler rider living in the city. Sometimes I feel as if I am living in a city of bumps and potholes. Just to give you an example,there are 12 speed breakers in the stretch  of around 1.3km from my apartment to Sarjapur main road and these doesn't include two present inside the apartment ! I have also not counted strategically placed potholes and manholes which you can say decorates most of the Bangalore roads.I have read somewhere that presence of sorrow reminds us the existence of God , which is very true but presence of potholes reminds me the existence of Bangalore authority more than anything else.
Human mind is more strange than we think. The roads from my society to my office is so well carved in my mind that I recognize each and every jewels on the road so as soon as I approach them my brain starts acting as a military strategist and quickly calculates its height-width-depth and if some gap on either side of it is available or not and based on all such data decides the optimum speed needed to overcome this enemy and  fires commands to its infantry to stop  acceleration pull the clutch change the gear and finally hit the break and slowly get through it such that it doesn't get a chance to retaliate.! Amid such chaos some part of my brain enjoys MJ Pruthvi's morning show on FM radio and some other part of it prepares the to-do list for the day ! Such an amazing gift from god to the mankind !! 
I had almost forgotten the existence of such never ending stream of potholes and bumps until last week when I , somehow , missed one such extended pothole which was royally encroaching the main road. It is not like this was a new addition to the already exploding population of potholes on Bangalore roads, actually I had known it since its infancy but somehow I underestimated its rapid growth. I forgot that BBMP periodically provides food for their growth in the form of stones. Whenever I see such potholes, freshly filled with needle shaped stones, I get a feeling as if it is smiling at me and telling me that "look, whoever you are and whatever you are, I don't care. I have the power to not only stop you and break your backbones but I can also kill you if ever try to disrespect  me!". That one innocent mistake of disrespecting that pothole gave me at least two-three sleepless nights !! The day I missed it was very terrible,  it hurt my back so badly that I was not even able to sit  properly. I was constantly thinking that which one of 33 vertebrae it broke !
Thanks god it turned out to be a muscle pull and I got recovered in two-three days. But this incident taught me a lesson that no body is going to think about our safety, we only have to take care of ourselves because as I always say its a human nature to take something for granted if it is available in abundance and in our country its us , the people , who are available in abundance so there is no value of us!
At last my Hindu upbringing helped me to accept and tolerate whatever is thrust upon me and I finally made peace with the Bangalore roads and now I enjoy Bangalore like never before !!!

-Parikshit Gohil