Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Confession : I have not read this book completely (read little over 200 pages) and am not planning to finish it. I don't think its worth my time.

This book is divided into 3 parts, each part dedicated to a country she explored (??) in her search for everything. Coincidentally the name of these countries starts with "I" (Italy India and Indonesia) and she tries to associates this coincidence with her quest to find "herself".

I read her journey through Italy and India but did not have courage to go on with her to Indonesia so I rested myself in India !

She starts her quest after her painful divorce with her husband that almost left her bankrupt, emotionally and financially !

The finance part of the equation was taken care by publishers who paid her in advance to write her experiences when she returns. So this is not a story of a disciple wandering in search of a guru to attain enlightenment. It was well financed trip to Italy India and Indonesia where she got some time to retrospect on her life. Anyways this shouldn't matter much because this is certainly not a book you will read for spiritual guidance.

On emotional front , it was clear in initial few chapters that she was in a bad marriage and her divorce was painful, ok we go the point but no , she will remind you about it after every few chapter ! After a while it becomes so irritating to read same thing again and again.

Over all I think this book may appeal to those who either themselves are neurotic or have gone through similar phase in their own life ! otherwise this book is not for some serious reading. One star is because of two reasons ; one, at times she becomes very witty and makes you laugh and second, I really liked the character of "Richard from Texas" .

-Parikshit Gohil